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Leather Cleaner

Cleans, Restores & Protects


Leather Balm: (100 ml)

I'ts properties allow the leathers keep your original appearance and avoid the premature aging 

Composition: Emulsion with natural waxes and self-absorbent. For quick drying.


Suede Cleaner: (200 ml)

Dry Cleaner to remove the dirt in the leathers / Apply directly to 15 cm of distance above the surface.


Antibacterial Leather Cleaner: (200 ml)

Antibacterial long lasting aerosol - multi pupose developed to emilinate viruses, fungi and bacteria in a short perior, due to its residual effect, and evironment where microorganisms cannot survive for a long time /  Apply the spray at a distance of 20 cm on footwear and garments apply of recurrent manner depending on the use, as they are in constant friction it is recommended to reinforce its spraying.


Suede Brush:

Brush made with horsehair bristles, ideal for removing dust, dirt and giving brightness / Rubbing on the surface


All of our creations are made with full grain leather, Gold-plated fittings and a few subtle material twists that age and evolve throughout life’s journeys. Firmly based in the appreciation for classic craftsmanship, we create pieces devoted to aesthetic sustainability and modern-day usability.

SBJA Handcrafted

We state with pride that every piece has a story and is designed and handcrafted in Colombia. We combine time honored handwork and machinery resulting in exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Leather Care

Your product is built to last and over time will develop a unique and beautiful patina. Follow these simple care instructions to ensure a lifetime piece.

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